"After speaking with Brandy, I had my first 3 paying clients within 2 weeks"

- Kaitlyn, Developer + Freelancer

What is Do School All About?

Our mission here at Do School is to provide world class education at an affordable rate that is accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our content focuses on the latest in marketing, sales, and social media strategies to help you grow your business.

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Clear, Concise, Comprehensive and Practical Knowledge with No Fluff

  • Boost Your Income - Clear, engaging courses, focused on developing your marketing skills to supercharge your business.
  • Fast Track Your Career - Learn from a true expert, Brandy, who has built a successful six-figure freelance business and worked with billon dollar companies to startups, elevating their digital marketing and social media brands.
  • Master Profitable Skills - Carefully crafted courses with real world examples and curated downloads to make your business succeed.
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Course Features

These courses give you the freedom you want to create the life you dreamed of. Learn how to make more money while building a sustainable business.

Financial Gains

Learn how to grow a wildly successful service-based business and make more money than a normal 9-5


Grow your business and have the freedom to work anywhere and on anything.

Flexibility in Work

Gain the flexibility to work on project and with the clients you want.

Stay Home & Make Money

Take these courses anywhere there is wifi and learn how to grow your business and brand from your home.

Premium Path Plans

Curated courses bundled together into specific paths to lead you to success in your business.

Freelance Mastery Course

Learn how to raise your prices, get more clients and grow your own profitable freelance business.

Instagram Mastery Course

Learn how to generate ROI on Instagram and gain your first 10,000 followers in your targeted industry.

Coming Soon

E-Commerce Marketing Mastery Course

Learn how to convert your web traffic to paying customers and how to make your data work for your business to generate revenue.

Meet The Creator Of Do School

Brandy Morgan is the founder of Do School. Brandy launched her business to empower everyday people like herself, to take charge of their lives, so they don't have to be stuck in an unfulfilling 9-5 job like she had in the past.

Brandy has built a successful six-figure freelance business and worked with billon dollar companies to startups, elevating their digital marketing and social media brands. Her business, Do School was created to help aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital marketers and social media managers build their dream business.

Brandy has been featured in Glamour and Money magazine for her work on social media paving the way other females in the tech space. Brandy was also Barbie's 2019 Role Model in Engineering for the Florida area.

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" I applied the lessons from Do School to land clients that paid me $12k a month on retainer for software development work in just a few months."

- Joshua, Entrepreneur & Developer

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