Become A Freelancer Today

Master the art of client acquistion and growing a profitable freelance business.

"The content exceeded my expectations massively...I'm 3 courses in and already feel like I've got my moneys worth. I thought there would be some good stuff I'd take out of it but I'm having to pause the video every 10 seconds to take notes!"

- Jaimie, Software Team Lead, Rolls Royce


Three phases of Freelance

Prepare Phase

The Prepare Phase is the phase where you are preparing your online presence to be as attractive as possible for clients to say YES to working with you.

Acquire Clients

The Acquire phase is the phase where you are reaching out, building relationships and acquiring clients to generate monthly or per project income for your freelance business.

Retain Clients

The retain phase is the phase where you are building out soft skills, looking for ways to extend contracts and learning how to measure project profitability to help plan and execute better for all clients.

"I reached out to Brandy while she was initially developing freelance school. She gave me great advice to branch out into freelance work while still in school and feel confident in charging rates that matched my skill set. After speaking with her, I had my first 3 paying clients within 2 weeks. Freelancing is about putting yourself out there, acquiring skills and experience, and not being afraid to fail."

- Katelyn, Student & Freelancer